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    Alyse Faith Shyne, LMT

    Owner + Founder

    Alyse began her wellness career at 5-Star spas including the Spa at the Ritz Carlton. She made the leap into private practice when opening Amethyst Integrative Massage in June of 2012 and expanded into a larger space and practice in creating the Healing Collective NY.


    Her goal in creating the Healing Collective was and continues to be, to provide an safe healing space where clients could find the highest level of holistic health providers.

    "A Collective of healers here to heal the Collective"

    Alyse insures all clients feel at home and cared for in a comfortable and professional setting.


    Alyse holds a B.A. from Ithaca College and is a graduate of The Finger Lakes School of Massage. She has advanced certifications in Prenatal Massage, SMRT, Neuromuscular Cupping Therapy, Arvigo Therapy.

    She has several Energy Healing certifications including Crystal Healing, Reiki, and Polarity Therapy.


    Alyse is also a multigenerational Psychic Intuitive & Medium

    and has studied with several prominent psychics and mediums. She continues to learn and grow this gift through her everyday practices.


    She uses all of these skills and abilities to bring life changing healing to her client's lives. The best way to experience this is with her Transformational Healing sessions.


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    Michael Shyne

    Co-Owner | Certified Holistic Coach

    Michael is co-owner of The Healing Collective NY, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and Digital Media Producer.


    He is our in-house nutrition expert and is also a Certified Medical Qi Gong Instructor.


    Michael combines his passion for videography with his extensive experience in music production into creating images, videos, and audio for artists, businesses, and creators.


    He loves creating art, and connecting with like minded individuals, and discussing the subjecst of spirituality.


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    Jennifer Convissor


    With a background in Reiki and creative arts, Jennifer has always been drawn to finding holistic solutions to life’s problems. She specializes in helping clients draw connections between their past and their present to; identify patterns, disarm triggers and relocate an essential place of peace.

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    Marissa N. Woodley, LMT

    Licensed Massage Therapist

    Marissa N. Woodley is a massage therapist with over 10 years of experience. Her background includes degrees in psychology, occupational therapy, and massage therapy. She has worked in various environments such as rehabilitation, spas, and medical facilities.
    Marissa uses a combination of acupressure and traditional massage modalities to assist clients in achieving relief from acute and chronic ailments.
    Acupressure points have numerous physical health benefits. Integrating specific points with traditional regular massage can assist in improving the healing benefits of massage. Acupressure is useful to improve circulation, reduction of : pain, stress, and anxiety.


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    Cathy Lipsky

    Nurse Practitioner

    Cathy Lipsky is a nurse practitioner with over 40 years of experience taking care of the adult population. Since 1997 she has learned from her mentor Rosita Arvigo how valuable “self-care” is as part of a healing practice. Since then she has used the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® in her practice of holistic therapies in New York. A certified practitioner as well as a self-care and professional level teacher of the Arvigo Therapies®, Cathy continues her studies with Rosita in order to support and continue the healing work that the ancient Maya teachings have provided.


    She also has studied traditional Chinese Medicine in the form of AMMA Therapy and is currently enrolled in the Teacher of Mantra program offered by the Sanatana Dharma Satsung in Portland Oregon.

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    Danica Banes

    Medium • Intutive Guide • Empath

    Danica holds an MS in art therapy and counseling, is Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy certified, Usui reiki certified, and Hatha Yoga teacher certified. She is also a psychic medium who has studied and developed her abilities under Pat Longo. With a background in mind-body practices, Danica aims to empower other sensitive souls to reconnect with their bodies and inner wisdom using a variety of modalities.
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    Icela Vaughn-scott

    Licensed Massage Therapist

    A graduate of The Swedish Institute with 8+ years of experience, Icela's focus is high-quality massages that are catered to the needs of her clients.She specializes in high quality deep therapeutic massage and is certified in prenatal massage.
    Her personal favorite treatment is the Sacred Stone Massage (Hot Stones w/Organic CBD Oil)
    Her list of returning clientele illustrates her commitment to making sure you feel like a brand new person when you get off the table.

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    Meet Charlie

    Therapy Dog

    Charlie has been working here since January 2019 when came she into our lives as a foster from SC named "Cheetah".

    We knew right away she was a very special girl.

    Her temperament and personality are the perfect combination for a therapy dog.

    Charlie is a trained service dog.

    Please let us know if you have any allergies or any other reasons why you would not like a pup present for your service.

    Otherwise you might just get to meet Miss Charlie and receive some amazing puppy therapy at your next visit!