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    Loving words from lovely clients

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    "If you're looking for both a wonderful massage and experience, than look no further!"

    "There are not enough words to describe how much I love Alyse and Amethyst. She is amazing and cares so much about each of her clients. My husband found her on yelp two years ago and she has been a staple in our lives since. She is patient, thoughtful, and each massage tailors to what your body needs that day. If you're looking for both a wonderful massage and experience, than look no further!"

    Jessica B

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    "I wouldn't go anywhere else. Alyse is the best!"



    "I highly recommend Amethyst Integrative Massage. I have been going there for years. I have back pain, and arm/shoulder pain from working at the computer, and Alyse is the best remedy. She knows exactly where to touch and the right amount of pressure to apply to make a real difference in my quality of life.

    Sometimes I go (even when I am not in pain) to experience a wonderful relaxing massage. She tailors the massage to what you want at the time. Her studio is very relaxing. She's also a wonderful person who genuinely cares about your well being.

    Many years ago she worked at the Ritz Carlton. You get a Ritz-Carlton massage at an owner-operated price. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Alyse is the best!"

    Judy C.

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    "I would highly recommend her to anyone!"

    "I have been suffering from some chronic illness for the past few years and as a part of my healing process I finally committed myself to regular massage as part of my "self care" regimen. I wanted to find someone that I could visit regularly, who understood chronic health issues and who I could trust. I've found that with Alyse at Amethyst! I have seen her for several massages, which have all been wonderful. I really enjoy how each session is customized to you and uses a variety of techniques (in addition to traditional massage she has also used cupping, hot stones and Reiki with me). I have also recently seen her for a psychic intuitive reading which was truly amazing - relevant and spot on. I would highly recommend her to anyone!" EM C.

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    "I am beyond thrilled!"


    "I have been dealing with what appears to be pinched nerve(s) in my neck and shoulder resulting in tingling and numbing sensations in thumb and index finger for quite some time. I had tried physical therapy to no avail, had seen another massage therapist, again without relief, and then I found Alyse. In just a few sessions, there has been notable improvement and I am beyond thrilled! What makes it even better is Alyse has the perfect balance in being personable and professional. She is incredibly skilled and seems to know exactly what needs to be done, with the right pressure, and uses a variety of techniques. The space is small and intimate and is conducive to a relaxing hour. I leave there feeling great but more importantly, I am experiencing amazing results already. I highly recommend her!!!"

    Jody P.

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    Five Stars

    "After 3 years still the only place in Westchester I go for massage therapy- and now Alyse has a new "biomat" table with infrared heat and real amethyst crystals. Don't knock it till you try it! Left me more relaxed than ever. Even relieved my swollen joints! The new space is wonderfully-and soothing." Kate C.

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    "I have been to some excellent professional massage therapists before, but I have never left feeling the major difference that I did after my massage here. I woke up the morning before last with the worst pain in my neck and shoulder. Alyse was great at pinpointing where my pain was and working on that area. I would recommend Amethyst Integrative Massage to anyone in the area who needs a massage that actually heals."

    Andrew F.

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    "So glad I found her, and refer her to others that are seeking the best"

    "There is a special place, located right off Central Avenue, in a cozy house that holds the best healer I have been to in a long time. Alyse is not only knowledgeable and listens to how your body speaks (you need no words!), she embodies the personal care you never get from what I calm the "theme park" franchises. You walk in and immediately feel the calm energy whether from the crystals or from Alyse, but I have never been so relaxed as I am here. You can walk in with the stresses and pain of what we may do to our bodies everyday, and leave smiling with relief. So glad I found her, and refer her to others that are seeking the best. She may charge more then coupons or groupons, but do you want to be satisfied so you look forward to coming again? Alyse has sessions that are a gift, from her healing hands. Oh, she has a great personality and a good laugh if you don't choose silence. Nothing fancy here but good energy!"